Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Rustic Bathroom Is Finally Finished - October 2007

I made this piece of wall art for my mom's newly re-designed bathroom. The floor now has leaves on it, while the shower curtain is stripes in various rustic shades including More Mustand, Real Rust, and Handsome Hunter with some Gold too. Mom decided to go with solid towels in More Mustard and Real Rust or as close as you can get to those. I think she needs another piece of artwork or a bigger picture frame for the wall this is hanging on but really like how it all came together. I'm still not a big fan of the floor.

The other pieces are just tiles that we picked up at Kohl's that applied Gold EP too so they would match and tie into the rest of the room a bit better. I think my mom wished there had been more then just the 2 leaves to pick from, but at least she got some choice on the other picture.
Now to just get mom's other bathroom decorated. I think I'll enjoy it much more since it's in my favorite color... tempting turquoise.

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