Friday, April 13, 2007

Life's Frustrations

I'm not even sure where to begin this blog but I figured I needed to post something in regards to why I haven't posted anything in over a month. It's not because I haven't had anything to say or have forgotten about the blog sitting here... it's just because I haven't had any time. Nothing has gone right lately and though I have tried to have some me time it just gets ruined. Take this past weekend and week for example... since I don't honestly remember anything before that... so I have a rough week at work and plan on doing some household cleaning and a lot of relaxing over the Easter weekend, since there will be no family gatherings in Springfield, and I'm not traveling to the Quad Cities for any either... sounds like a great plan and would have been had I not been sitting at my computer trying to get some things caught up on and talking to my best friend in the whole wide world when my brother's girlfriend mentions the water on the floor. I'm like what water?!? Then I see it... the hazy dank water that comes from the sewer drain in the laundry room. Damn thing backed up again... mind you this happened once before less then a year ago. I'm not a happy camper. I quick get off the phone and call my landlord who doesn't answer the phone... typical... then I call the emergency line he has set up for his business and tell them I have sewage in the basement. As they put my hold and I'm trying to figure out where to put my stuff and what stuff definitely has to be moved so as not to come in contact with the "stuff" while doing this I realize not only do I have this black icky substance which I'm sure is some form of sewage moldy stuff that builds up in the drains... but this time I also have actual pieces of poop sitting on the floor. This makes me even more upset and the poor lady had to hear about it when she picked the phone back up. Needless to say we couldn't stay at home and had to stay at a hotel for the night, which the landlord is going to pay for... thank God. The plumber came out and unclogged the drain on Saturday but the clean up crew didn't show up until Wednesday. We've been living with this stinky icky smell for 6 days. Next time it happens I'm moving out and the landlord can deal with it all on his own.

This is not the only frustrating thing that has been occurring in my life as of lately... it's just the most recent and there for easiest to remember. I mean who can forget the mess and stink when the basement still has an eerie musky shitty smell to it. I've been frebreezing and lysoling and air freshening the basement like crazy. Even lit a few candles for a bit when I was home and trying to work on my crafts. I'm going to try to fix a few of my blogs with the photos in them so bear with me as I work on that and hopefully I'll get to blog more often now that things are supposedly calming down and becoming more relaxing. Not sure who honestly thinks that but I'm having a hard time believing them. I wish it was Friday already.