Friday, January 18, 2008

May Technique Class - 2007

In May my upline's technique class was held on my anniversary so I wasn't able to attend but I still got the completed projects. Below are the projects the other gals made. I love the scrapbook page but I wish there was a place to put more pictures then just one. I guess I can always just leave one on this page and then make another coordinating page that faces it with several other pictures. I have tons of pictures that will work with this page and as usual I just have a hard time picking just one.

I really wish I had been there to make the magic card because even though I have instructions I learn better hands on. I can't say it was easy or not because I've never made one. I do like it and think it is very neat. I love any of the cards that look like they'd be hard to make but really aren't or are more then just the typical flat card that you could buy for a few dollars at the dollar store or hallmark.

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