Friday, March 16, 2007

Save the Date - Jan 07

As a result of my instant obsession and addiction to stamping I volunteered to make my newly engaged friend save the date cards for her upcoming wedding. Little did I know what I was getting myself into. It was alot of fun though I'm not sure if I'll do that much embossing every again. I still seem to get glitter/embossing tinsel on me everytime I enter the craft area of my basement. Here is the design I created and I want to give a special Thanks to Nikki who helped me make these. I ended up making about 100 of these cards.
They were really easy to make once we got the hang of it and formed our little system. The tricky part was the snow flakes on the background. We used the SU Stampin' Around Snowflakes wheel for that part and rolled it in clear embossing ink. We had to do 2 sides at a time since we had no way to hold the paper we did all 4 at once. We also ran into a similar probably for the middle part where I used a store bought stamp saying Save This Date. The heat tool gets so warm that you can't really hold the paper yourself when it's this small. I cut all the pieces first. I ended up using a wooden cloths pin to hold the paper and then heat the embossing tinsel. This was the only way at the time I could come up with so that my fingers didn't get burnt from holding the paper so close to the heating tool. I've since been told that if you put alumnimum foil around a wood clipboard that you can just lay the items you're heat embossing flat on it and it won't scrotch the table underneath it. I wish I had know this then. LOL. The cards turned out very good I think, especially for someone who was just beginning. Any of my friends who see these and would like me to help them for any of their upcoming events let me know and we can work something out.

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