Friday, March 16, 2007

Paisley Design Series

All the following cards were made over the past few months after creating the Engagement card in my previous blog. I decided to come up with names of all designs I came up with and since I seem to make several similiar designs that coordinate I decided to make them into a series. The following cards are part of what I call the paisley design series. I used the Stampin' Up "Paisley" Background Stamp as the main stamp and then used different stamp sets for the middle. For the most part I used the SU set "In My Thoughts" but there is at least 1 that used a different stamp set. I hope you like this series because I really do and there will probably be more cards created for it as time goes on, even if SU retires these stamp sets.

These cards are really easy to make because you can have them made up without the message in the middle before you need them and then just add the appriopriate message on at the last minute. As you can see I have one picture showing a blank middle. I took the picture of it before I customized it for a friend. I then forgot to take another picture of it once it was customized, but that's okay. This is probably one of my favorite designs. Now that I have more colors of paper and ink I will making some more of them in different color combos. I hope everyone enjoys them. They're simple yet elegant in my eyes.

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