Friday, March 16, 2007

Stripes & Flowers Series - Jan 2007

I was playing around with different card designs one night and came up with the following designs. I thought they were sort of pretty and definitely made with some different color combos then I would normally choose on my own. I guess having to coordinate the colors with the print paper played a part in that, but they still turned out really nice. Some of the cards are for birthdays and others just say Thanks.


Banu said...

Your pictures are nice but too dark. There is a program that you can download for free called Picasa I think it is You can lighting them adjust, do black and whites even crop to make the picture see closer than how you took it .
Ok best Wishes

Faye Mitchell said...

Thanks for the comment, though I've checked the photos and they don't look too dark to me. I've tried picasa before and didn't really like it. Thanks though.