Tuesday, March 6, 2007

My First Technique Class - Nov 2006

Shortly after attending the stamp camp... like 3 days... I signed up for a techniques class in Springfield. I thought if I was going to take the hobby of rubber stamping seriously and continue to make cards that didn't look like cheap art projects that a
2nd grader might have done then I as going to have to learn some of the fancy techniques and get into some groups with other stampers. It was clear to me after attending this class that I was hooked and there would be no easy escape from the stamping world. These are the items that I created at my first techniques' class. I had a blast and of course I ordered more supplies so I could duplicate some of the projects. Though I haven't created any duplicate items I have used the pattern layout of the snowman bag and the candy baggie to make items that are similiar yet very different. Those pictures will be showcased in another blog entry.

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