Friday, March 16, 2007

January Technique Class - 2007

It's now 2007 and I have had 2 technique classes and an open house and still don't have my past cards all posted. I'm going to do my best at getting most of them posted today. Hopefully, I can get caught up and stay caught up. LOL.

Here are the cards and other items I made at the January Technique Class I attend... Enjoy!!!
The first is a scrapbook page. I have since added 1 photo where the white is at using the corner piece that is sort of just hanging there lopsided. I haven't figured out what photo or journaling words to write or attach to the blue square yet. This tells you how indesive I am especially when it comes to scrapbooking.

The second card is from the Remembering Me Card Kit... The kit comes with everything you need to make several copies of several different designs. We did alittle twist on it because we used embossing powder for the words and we used slightly different colors then what came with the kit but it was understandable because the demostrator teaching the class didn't want to use everything in her kit to teach the class. If she had she wouldn't have had anything left to show us what all came with the kit and how handy and helpful it was to buy such a kit, especially for those who were just starting out.

The third card is a "Shaker" card. It has beads and glitter in the window by the bug. It is very cute and I am hoping to take the idea and make some different ones for weddings and babies and such.

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