Thursday, April 17, 2008

Pedro Returns

Here are pages 14 & 15 complete for my baseball scrapbook. Man am I on a roll. I only have to make one page this week to be caught up on my goal. :) 15 pages completed of 52 --- only 37 to go!!!

For those of you not familiar with baseball the "K" is the symbol used for a strikeout and not some sort negative symbol. I guess it's negative if you're the batter who has struck out but as far as my scrapbook is concerned its not negative.

The journaling reads:
"And what a return it was. Not only did Pedro make is debut return from calf and rotator cup injuries but he pitched his 3000th strikeout and led the team to victory. Although I was really excited to see history being made by the Mets, I couldn’t help but think of Jody and how he always seems to miss out on all the great moments. If it weren’t for Jody’s love of the Mets and David Wright’s good looks I probably wouldn’t have gone to Cincinnati to see the Mets play and as a result I wouldn’t have seen Pedro make history with his 3000th strikeout. It was amazing to be in attendance for such a wonderful baseball moment and I hope that I’ll get to experience even more in the future."

Paper: Brilliant Blue, Only Orange, Basic Black
Accessories: SU Photo Corners Punch, Cricut - Opposites Attract Cartridge

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