Thursday, November 29, 2007

Getting Caught Up

Well I'm finally getting caught up on my posts and thought I would let you all know. I still have quite a few to post but I have at least gotten labels on the backs of them telling me what stamp sets and colors of paper and such I used and they're all in a nice pile waiting for me to take pictures of them. Once I get the pictures taken it won't take long at all to upload them and then share them here in the blog.

I also have great news... because I got the surprise done and took pictures of it already for my cousin & his wife. They got married back in April and I decided to make a surprise for them. I can't share too many details just in case she checks out the blog. I don't think she does because she doesn't have internet at the house but she does check her email and stuff at work which means she could very easily have clicked the blog link from my signature line.

Anyway... I have gotten alot done lately but still have alot to do. I'm hoping to finish up on some more things this weekend and will hopefully share them with you soon. Christmas cards are the big project this weekend. Must get those done and sent out before Christmas comes and goes.

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