Friday, March 16, 2007

Masculine Series II

While making the other boy card I also came up with this design that can be used for both boys and girls depending on the color combos. This combo definitely works better for boys I think though. I actually gave this card with the brown ribbon to my husband for his birthday. He said it was his favorite of the different combos. I like it because it's simple but sort of elegant in a manly way. I am going to definitely play with it some more to come up with some more color combos and different additions using some different pieces of hardware and possibly some other techniques. I learned the shaving cream technique the other night at the local demo meeting and I think it would work really nicely to make some different swirly designs similar to the background on this one. I am aware though that this one has some actual clear nautical shapes in it... those would be missing from the shaving cream technique but I still think I could come up with some really neat paper that way that would work for this series. Below are the other two card designs in this series so far.

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