Monday, February 26, 2007

First Post

I finally I finally got a blog where anyone can see it without being a member of a particular group or website. I decided to go ahead and do this as a way to share my interests with others and express myself in a positive manner, all while talking up my new business venture... STAMPIN' UP!

It's a great company and I love their products. I will post again later to talk about the company and their products more, but for now I must go do my real job. The one that pays the bills so that I can continue to buy more and more Stampin' Up! products. Being a demonstrator for them has helped but I'm still in the early stages so I haven't seen much difference. Even if it blossoms into a grand business venture, I don't think I'll ever consider it a job or work because it's way to fun, exciting, and enjoyable to be a real job. LOL!

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